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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rant * Vegas * Song I like

The time is just not passing fast enough for my taste.  I'm at work and time is at a damn stand still. I just want to get out of here and go do other things.  The ER was relatively quiet all morning, then all hell broke loose.  I swear I ran my ass off in an hour chasing 6 ambulances! So now I am in the monitor room and I am just restless.  I feel like I need to go outside and run a mile.  

I have a new book I want to read from tonight.  It is like a "get to know you" book of questions.  I don't know if he enjoys reading all the questions as much as I do, but I find that I learn a lot about him when we play question and answer games.   

Did you know that you can go to Las Vegas  for under $1,000 for two people...and that is a round trip flight and a popular hotel on the strip for three nights?! There are a lot of things to do there that are free, too!  Just walking the strip and sight seeing would be awesome.  I have friends in Vegas I could go visit, also!  I bet Vegas is an experience!  I want to go SOOOO bad!!!! I'd want to go to at least one show, and one bar!  I could really people watch there!  

COME ON TIME... FINALLY IT'S 4PM.  Come on 6:45!!!!  
I am so over this ER today!!  I am so over working weekends.


I love this song:  Cyclone by  Baby Bash featuring T-Pain

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