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Friday, June 29, 2012


The Big Day is Almost Here!

July 17th 2012 is the BIG day! Lap band surgery day!  I am so freaking excited I can hardly contain it.  I've waited for this day for so long.  I am so thankful that I have insurance and can afford to have this surgery done.  I know losing weight is going to make me feel so much better and look better, too! 

Dr. Keilins Website - Lap Band - this is my doctors website

I start the liquid diet (Liver shrinking diet) on the 5th.  This diet helps to shrink the liver so that the doctor can get to the stomach easier.  It is mainly water, crystal light, jello, tea, chicken and/or beef broth and other sugar free carb free liquids.  It is a two week diet.  I will post before pictures that day.  I have heard that most people lose up to 15 pounds just by doing the liquid diet, so that is the day I will be starting my weight loss count down. 

I am not sure how often I should post photos. Every week? 

Check back often to be witness to my transformation!!


  1. a couple times a week posting would be cool, unless something exciting happens then by all means.....POST! Also, you can make a page on Facebook and link it to here so that people on FB know when you make a new post.

  2. I cannot figure out how to link Facebook to here. How do you accomplish this?

  3. You can also have raw vegetables on your liquid diet. And very little low fat or fat free dressing, but it is best to wait until the 4th or 5th day.

  4. My mom said a small salad would be OK per her surgeon, who is also my surgeon. I can make a salad out of raw veggies. I am sure that when I get to eat one I will be very grateful. LOL

  5. I had Dr. Heiker (sp?), And I was allowed to have a small salad after the 4th day. When I thought I would break, toward the end of the first week, I called and Betty told me I could snack on raw vegetables all day. So, I would get one of the big trays and have a few pieces with my shakes and snack in between.