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Saturday, September 29, 2012

2nd Fill Monday Sept 24th (Lap Band)

I was so excited to get another fill in my band Monday,  I arrived at the doctor office 30 minutes early!  Checked in and filled out my worksheet on my eating habits and waited... 

After being called back, Dr. Keilin came in right away.  She was quick, poking that needle right in and giving me 2 more cc's of fluid.  At this point I had 4 cc's total in a 10 cc band.  She gave me a cup of water to drink and I drank it and I went home.

Two hours later:
...Can't drink anything, can't eat anything, can't even take a deep breath! The band was too tight. I coughed all night for two nights (this is a symptom of the band being too tight), vomited up what little water I was able to drink and had a feeling in my gut like there was a vice grip on my stomach.  I didn't want to race back up to the office, so I toughed it out...for 2 1/2 DAYS!!!  I was starting to get a headache and a dry mouth.  I knew I was dehydrating fast.  I finally called the office and told them what was going on.  They told me to come in at 3 pm to get unfilled. They had to call in a nurse to do it because the doctors were out of town.  When I got there, they rushed me right to the back and weighed me.  I had lost 6 pounds of water weight from not being able to drink for 2 and a half days.  WOW!  The nurse removed 1 cc of fluid and that made all the difference in the world!  I was able to drink!!!  ...I drank a lot that day; water never tasted so good.  I had to re-hydrate! Now, I have 3 cc's in a 10 cc band and I seem to be doing great now.  With the band, it is just trial and error.  You add liquid for restriction, and take it back out if it is too restrictive until you reach your "sweet spot". 

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