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Friday, September 7, 2012

Little of this, little of that

Well, we made it to September!  Cooler temperatures are on the horizon!  I don't know about you, but I am sick of 105 degree temps burning up my house, car and everywhere else.  I can never get cool and it makes my body feel miserable.   I heard tomorrow might be 85!  I may have to break out the sweats and a coat! That is chilly compared to 105!


I am about a month and a half out from lap band surgery. Unfortunately,  I haven't lost anymore weight.  I am stuck at the 15 pound mark.  I have lost some inches from my middle and thighs and arms, though.  The band just isn't tight enough, yet.  I have 2cc inside the band right now, but I will probably need several more fills to get the full benefit.  I cannot eat as much as I used to, but I can eat more than what the doctor wants me to be eating.  I try very hard to eat healthy foods, though.  I don't want to gain weight! I still make green smoothies with my Nutribullet.  I drink one or two a day.  They are delicious!   I go back to my doctor September 24.  


Ugh, all this political back and forth is almost enough to make me scream!  I hate election time.  It turns all of my friends into wild beasts!  Everyone has their own opinion, which is a very good thing, but when opinions turn into belittling others, cussing others and general asshole-ness... (yes, asshole-ness....I am declaring it a word!) then I get tired of it really fast!! 

I have decided that the candidate/party that  even comes close to how I think and believe is The Green Party's, Jill Stein.  Plus, Jill Stein is a woman!  Isn't it time we had a woman president?  It is sad to me that people don't really know who she is. 

Everyone is so wrapped up in the race between the republicans and the democrats.  I wish other parties got as much attention.  If I had to pick one or the other, I would have to go with the democrats for sure.  I am and never will be a conservative.  


I am craving more ink... I know, I know...no big surprise there.  I am addicted to the tattoo machine!!  I admit it.  I crave that pain.  It is kind of like child birth.  Lots of pain, but you get something beautiful in the end.  I need to save up my money so I can get magnolias in honor of my Nana.  I am really excited about this piece.  


My fibro is acting up this week.  I am in some serious pain.  My neck hurts and my lower back/pelvis hurts.  I am really tired all the time and moving around makes my muscles feel very fatigued and sore.  I have been waking up with headaches the past three mornings.  I should have known that it was a sign of the pain that was to come.  I came to work this morning, but it is all I can do to not cry from the pain and discomfort and burning sensations in my muscles.  I feel heavy and worn down.  I think if I went home right now, I would sleep for days.  This illness sucks so bad.  I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I feel like shit 70% of the time anyways, but then I get a flare up and feel like I've  been run over by a train and dragged 10 miles.  ...and the worst part?  NO ONE "gets it" unless they have this illness.  Think about a time when you had the flu... that overwhelming tired feeling and the achy muscles.  You just felt BAD.  That is how I feel most of the time... It affects my whole life.  No one understands why I can't just get over it.  Some doctors don't even believe it's real.   People with fibro are NOT faking it... I can assure you.  Who would want to live this way?? I'd give anything to feel better. ANYTHING.