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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Night Out

Friday night, Julie and I and some other girls went out to Fat Jacks Bar and Shooters Bar. 
I took the time to do my hair extra curly (it is natural, but I have to dry it very slowly for it to look nice) and do my make up just right, especially my eyes.  I washed and dried my favorite jeans (almost too big for me now!!) and wore my best black shirt.  I thought I was looking pretty cute!  Julie picked me up at 8:30pm and we headed to Jacks. 

 As soon as we got a table I saw this guy that I had gone out with years and years ago walk into the bar.  Let me just say, I cannot stand him.  He is so obnoxious I just want to slap the shit out of him every time he opens his mouth.  Lucky me...he ended up knowing all of my friends that I was there with.  What did I do to piss off the universe this time? He sat with us the entire time we were there!  I had to suffer through his loud mouth and him trying to touch everyone.  We finally left and went to Shooters Bar and I really thought he would come out there, but he never did. Thank goodness!  

Shooters was DEAD.  I guess people don't go out on a Friday night anymore.  It was not packed at all.  There was, however, a very strange man there.  He was randomly dancing with every woman.  Just going up to her and dancing beside her or behind her.  If you have ever seen the Ellen Show, she had a contest called Dance Dare.  Please, if you haven't seen it...watch this video!!! Ellen Dance Dare Winner
Funniest thing EVER!!  Here are a few more must see  videos:  Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

So, back to the random dancing guy...  Girls were not impressed by him or his moves.  He finally came over to my friends and I and tried to dance around and behind us.  I pressed my body against the bar so he couldn't get behind me.  He told us that his daddy was the richest man in America and that he was the richest guy to even set foot in that bar.  He told us his name, which sounded very rich indeed... something like Preston Wallace Thorn-dyke Wales the 3rd or something equally rich and famous sounding.  He even had an odd rich kid look to him.  He was clearly an escaped psych patient that decided to stop there and dance...randomly...with every girl there.  To make things even funnier, this really tiny old lady (in her 70's at least) came in and started doing the same thing this man was doing.  They never spoke to each other as far as I could tell, but she randomly danced with everyone, men and women.  I finally said "Is this randomly dance around people you don't know day?"
Security finally made him tab out and leave. What a weird guy.  He was obviously mentally ill.  The whole thing reminded me of Ellen's Dance Dare contest.  Please watch the videos!

After we left Shooters we went to IHop.  Julie and I shared a meal.  We are lap band sisters, ya know? We had eggs, sausage, bacon and hash browns.  It was so good!  It came with red velvet pancakes, but we can't eat bread products like that.  It might gum up and stick in the band.  I boxed up the pancakes and took them home to my children. We had an awesome waiter named Michael.  He was a pretty funny guy.  He kept making fun of us because we wanted him to hurry and get our food even though we had just gotten there.  We were so sleepy though, we just wanted to hurry and go home to our beds!

We made a side trip at 2am to the ER (Julie and I  work at the ER) to pick up some sheets that Julie had left in the monitor room... I had to run in there and get them for her because she thought she smelled to much like smoke.  We had acquired this horrible smoky bar odor...  it was nasty.  I hate that smell.  I used to be a smoker, but I quit about 3 years ago.  Now, I hate the smell of cigarettes.  

After I got home, I put my smoky clothing in the washer and closed the lid.  I sprayed body spray all over myself in an attempt to kill the stench.  I finally got into bed around 2:30am.  

What a night!! 
Looking fwd to doing it again soon!! 



  1. Sounds like a fun night! I hate smoky places too. That is one of the reasons we hardly ever go out. LIke, once a year or something. We go out in Belize, but all the bars there are open-air with fans and ocean breezes so the cigarette smoke goes out

  2. That sounds so nice! Wish it was like that here. I only go out about once a year, too...