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Friday, August 10, 2012

Post Op Appt * EMT Test

I had my first post op check up yesterday (8/9/12) and everything is right on track.  I have healed up nicely and I am pain free now.  I go back in 2 weeks for my first fill! I am very excited about that even though they will be sticking a 5 inch needle through my abdominal wall and into the port.  Owww!  It will be worth it though!

When I got to the doctors office the first thing I noticed was how hot it was in there.  I saw people fanning themselves and sweating.  My mom went up to the desk and asked why it was so hot and they told her that in the middle of the night someone or a group of someones climbed over an iron fence and through barbed wire to get to the buildings air conditioners to steal the copper wiring from them!  It just makes me so mad that people like this are even on the planet.  I want to scream, "GET A FUCKING JOB like the rest of us!". 

I had to sit through a nutrition class (in the blazing heat).  I can now start to transition to regular foods as tolerated.  I am not supposed to drink anything 30 min before I eat, while I eat or 30 min after I eat.  That is SO HARD!!!! If anyone has any tips please share with me!

  Because of the heat, it was the most miserable doctor appointment I have ever had.  I know the poor staff  were miserable, too.  They did not even have fans in the back.  They had one fan out front, but it was doing very little to cool that huge waiting room off. 

Starting weight (first day of liquid diet) 7/05/12 :  257 pounds
Weight on surgery day 7/17/12 :  253 pounds
Weight as of 8/09/12 :  245 pounds
Total loss as of 8/09/12 :  12 pounds


August 20, 2012 I will be taking the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technology test.  I guess I should start studying to refresh myself!
Wish me luck!!

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