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Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 4 Post Op

I made it to Friday!  Yay me!  Four days post op!  I can now move around better and eat soup that has been thinned out with skim milk or water.  I was able to take a shower last night.  Let me tell you... when you can't shower for 48 hours, you really miss it and it is a special thing when you finally get to shower!  I have been sleeping in my own bed for two nights now.  I didn't realise how much I took my bed for granted!  I love my bed!

My incisions still burn and ache, but it is better today than yesterday.  My left upper quad still hurts because of the hernia repair but, the pain is more of a runners stitch in my side instead of the deep ache that was there before in my side and my shoulder. 

I have been doing really well consuming my "food".  Drinking sips of water and thinned out creamy chicken soup.  I have lost three pounds since surgery. Now I am at 250.  That is  three pounds I will never have to deal with again!!  Gone... just gone!  YAY!!! 
Only 50 more to go before I am in "Wonderland".  My mom said this is when lap banders get under 200 pounds. I cannot wait to be in Wonderland!  Maybe I will get a big tattoo of Alice on my bum!  ***Just kidding mom!!***

I am starting to get cabin fever.  I have done a whole lot of nothing for 4 days. 

If I am up to it, I may try to get out of the house a bit on Monday.  I need to get out and try to get some sort of normal life again.  I go back to work next Friday. 

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