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Monday, July 30, 2012


Not sure if it is normal or not after lap band, but I am going through an emotional phase.  It really isn't over food.  I don't even know what it is about.  I just feel down off and on.  I was on a lap band forum the other day and noticed that a few people had the same issue but they didn't go into any detail about it.  I tried to join a few Facebook groups but they were not active.  I'm just a little emotional.  It reminds me of pregnancy hormones that make you cry when a Hallmark commercial comes on during the Christmas season!  It isn't constant, just periodically.   


I have started eating cottage cheese, yogurt, sugar free pudding, slices of cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs and soft fruits. I feel hungry now all the time.  It is like I never get enough.  I felt restriction last week, but this week I feel nothing.  I have to be really careful now not to over eat.  I have an appointment with my doctor August 9th for my post op check up and possibly a fill to tighten the band. 



  1. Wendy, just found your blog from FB. I am in the 6 month phase before lap band surgery and am looking for people going through it. I'm freaking out for you!! Why aren't you feeling full?! Can you go in to the dr before the 9th? That seems like a long time to wait. Hang in there and keep us posted! I'm very interested in your story!!!

  2. I go in on the 9th of Aug. I am hoping for a fill then. I am thrilled that you found me via Facebook! How exciting that people are finding me and reading my blog! So nice to meet you, also!!