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Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5, 2012: The Journey Has Begun!!

I stayed up late last night (3am)   and slept in this morning (12 noon!!)

OK...so I did that on purpose so I could sleep through half of the first day of the liquid diet.  Hey...I'm not ashamed!  I'm weak! LOL  I know this will be rough, but I am committed... I just needed to avoid it a little while longer.  I am up now though and I have already had the first of three EAS Advant Edge protein drinks.

My kids think it is funny that I can't eat solid food.  So far this morning they have told me about the ribs in the fridge, the hamburgers that my dad grilled, and the potato chips.  ALL of which they ATE IN FRONT OF ME chewing dramatically and loudly, just out of my reach... SMART KIDS.  But, they have to sleep sometime.... ***evil laugh*** Muuuaaaahahahahah!!!

For dinner I will have my other two protein drinks and a cup of chicken broth.  Mmmm Mmmmmmm!
"I can hardly wait," she said sarcastically.

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