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Friday, July 6, 2012


Day 2 of liquid diet and I've hit a few pot holes on the road to Skinnyland.  Insurance troubles.  My insurance started over for the year on July 1st.  My deductable went up and the doctors office isn't sure where I can have the surgery because it has to be at a Center of Exellence for Bariatric Surgery hospital.  Not sure if Wadley Hospital is anymore. 

Story of my life.  Trouble pops up everywhere.  Usually I pull right on through it and come out on the other side just fine... Im hoping this is one of those situations.

Update:  I waited half the day to hear from Wadley about whether my insurance would pay to have the surgery there. The lady finally called me around 2 and told me that my insurance would not pay for me to have the surgery there.  She said she had spoken to my insurance company and they said the nearest hospital they would pay for was in Tyler, Texas.  I would also have to find a new doctor in Tyler and START OVER!!!  As you can imagine I was heart broken. NO... My soul was crushed.  I was so upset I couldn't stop shaking and I felt faint.  I called my mom and told her the bad news.

I called my surgeons office to cancel my surgery.  I spoke to Betty May, the lap band coordinator for my surgeons office.  She was very upset that the lady from Wadley had called me and said that I had to go to Tyler.  Betty May assured me that everything was still ON and that St. Michaels was covered under my insurance plan.  I was so relieved.  I told Betty May that the last 45 minutes had been some of the worst minutes of my life!  This surgery means everything to me.  

Surgery is still ON...although I nearly died from a heart attack thinking that I wasn't getting the surgery!  I am still a little shaken up over it...even though everything is fine now.

I seriously need a stiff drink... Technically, Jack and Coke IS a liquid... 

Just kidding ;-)


  1. glad things are working out as planned

  2. I feel sorry that you have to experience additional stress from your insurance. Since it was very clear from your hospital that they are covered by your insurance plan, then you have nothing to worry about. There must be some misunderstanding somewhere and I’m sure that with the help of Betty May, everything will soon be settled.

    -Barry Bates